March 11, 2016

BRACE Industrial Group acquires Advanced Industrial Services, LLC

Advanced Industrial Services (AIS) is a provider of insulation, facility maintenance and stainless steel fabrication services to the commercial and industrial market in the greater Orlando, Florida area.

Houston, TX – March 11, 2016 – BRACE Industrial Group is a leading provider of commercial and industrial services that help customers across the U.S. extend the life of their facilities and equipment announces the acquisition of Advanced Industrial Services, LLC (AIS).

AIS is a Winter Haven, Florida, based commercial and industrial services company specializing in meeting the unique and custom needs of its customers from specialized flooring to one-of-a-kind fabrication. The company also provides; insulation and lagging, thermal insulation, mechanical insulation, equipment and pipe insulation, metal applications, welding and general maintenance. AIS primarily focuses on theme parks, resorts, food processing power generation, chemical and manufacturing industries.  These services are complementary to the BRACE specialty services’ business and will be integrated into the company while retaining the AIS brand.

Tim Steinmetz, Business Development and Regional Sales Manager for AIS commented, “This is a very unique opportunity for AIS. We have been given the opportunity to have the backing of a well-established company like BRACE with the autonomy to grow our business under the brand AIS within the current market space we serve. It is also a synergistic opportunity for us to join the BRACE specialty services team and grow our various services throughout the United States.”

“We are very excited to be adding the unique group of services offered by AIS to our specialty services team” said BRACE President Mark Talley. “Over the past 6 months we have added heat tracing, refractory and with the introduction of AIS’s specialty fabrication and in-house welders we have a begun to build well-rounded portfolio of specialty services”

Kevin Hissem Operations Manager for AIS commented, “We’re excited to strengthen our operations with such a leading commercial and industrial services company as BRACE. We are confident that this new journey with BRACE will lead to exciting opportunities for AIS and new services for our customers.”

BRACE launched its new group Specialty Services during the 3rd quarter of 2015.  Specialty Services will support the BRACE Industrial Group of companies. The impetus to launch this new group was due to the high demand for heat tracing solutions in industrial facilities. This includes custom design and installation of heat tracing, controls and insulation on new and existing piping and equipment. Specialty Services completes the well-rounded services mix within the BRACE family including refractory, heat tracing, 3D CAD engineers, fabrication, welding, and customized project management.

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