August 11, 2015

BRACE Industrial Group provides a Scaffolding Solution for Artist Chris Duh at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City (RMHC-KC)

BRACE erects PERI-UP Rosett Modular scaffold to create a safe work environment for artists working with Chris Duh on his innovative and imaginative sculpture titled “Hope Grows Here”.  Duh’s sculpture to offer hope and inspiration for guests of the house, as well as pay tribute to RMHC-KC project donors.

Houston, TX – August 11, 2015 – BRACE Industrial Group a leading provider of diversified and integrated industrial services within the power generation, agriculture, maritime, commercial, petrochemical and oil & gas markets provides a scaffolding solution for Artist Chris Duh’s Sculpture at Ronald McDonald House Charity of Kansas City (RMHC-KC)

“With great art work sometimes comes a great challenge.” commented Steve Cox Regional Manager for BRACE Integrated Services, “I was approached by the artist to look at the project for 2 reasons, a confined space challenge and how to keep the artists safe. Once I saw the space I knew for a fact that the PERI-UP Rosett Modular scaffold would solve both of these items with ease.”

BRACE evaluated the situation and was able to develop and provide a solution for the confined space using PERI-UP Rosett Flex modular scaffolding. BRACE’s scaffold design fit nicely within the 30 inch wide area. The scaffold frame was stabilized by extending horizontally onto the floor at each level. This was accomplished by having two vertical posts in the stairwell and three vertical posts outside the stairwell on the adjacent floor. The posts were attached to horizontal ledgers going through the stairwell rails stabilizing the entire scaffold frame. BRACE then decked around the vertical sculptured pipes providing a full 360 degree access around the sculpture as well as the height needed for the artists to fabric and mosaic the pipes safely.

Filling the entire inside of the stairwell of the Ronald McDonald House with PERI UP Rosett Flex Modular scaffolding allowed for a safe decorating work space for the Artists. The ease-of-use and flexibility of the PERI UP system permitted the artists to complete the project in under two weeks. Providing a safe working environment for all of the artists allowed them to bring Chris Duh’s vision to light. Once the work was completed, BRACE dismantled the scaffold unveiling the finished sculpture titled “Hope Grows Here”.  Chris’ sculpture used more than 15,000 small mosaic tiles applied to 10 sections of tubular steel. Most of the sections are tiled in green however one section features a myriad of colors that flow into one another, creating a breathtaking focal point. A second part of the sculpture is 130 feet of pipe wrapped with colorful commercial wool felt. On the first floor the sculpture displays round donor plaques ranging from 9 inches to 3 feet in diameter. The plaques are lit with LED lights that showcase the donors’ names and create a feeling of vitality through transparent moving light.

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