August 6, 2015

Services Company Building On Tradition.

BRACE Industrial Group — A forward-leaning corporate culture that embraces safety.

During the second quarter of 2015, BRACE Industrial Group announced it had aligned three of its companies — ICI, BRACE-ESI and BASIC Industries — as one new business unit: BRACE Integrated Services, as well as renamed its union shop, Peterson Industrial Scaffolding, to PLATINUM Scaffolding Services. An alignment of this magnitude involves careful consideration on how to successfully merge key business operations. For CEO Steve Ragiel, the answer was easy: The first items to focus on would be standardizing safety best practices and equipment, maintaining our high level of customer services and building on the strong culture and traditions that make BRACE Industrial Group a company where young job seekers and veteran employees thrive and grow.

“We value our employees’ safety above all else,” said Ragiel. “We’re proud of the outstanding safety record we maintain year after year, and we plan to continue to share our best practices and lessons learned with the new members of our corporate family.” read more