Servicing The Maritime Industry

We service every aspect of the marine industry from infrastructure to vessels. Exposure to nature’s elements from weather to corrosive ocean salt water can take a toll on any structure. Our experts are well versed when it comes to industrial and marine scaffolding, from shipyard poly-walls to US Naval Vessels, barges, yachts and tugboats. Our customers demand that their services team be fully knowledgeable from initial consultation, through the erection and dismantling of scaffolding. Our Services Teams act as a resource in problem solving, budget estimates and safety protocols. We make sure that each project is thoroughly planned out, from 3D modeling drawings of scaffold, is highly organized, detail-oriented, using the best craftsmen in the industry with an outstanding safety record.


We understand the sensitive nature in terms of National Security within the Maritime Industry. We are enrolled in the Rapid Gate Program and has access to numerous bases throughout North America. In addition, our staff maintains security/access letters and we offer regular training to all personnel requiring this level of access.


Our Maritime services teams are fully trained and prepared for any access requirement ranging from polywall barriers to basic scaffolds in dry dock for surface ship repair, maintenance and modernization to complex designs that are required, to include marine hanging scaffold, superstructures, masts, the underwater hull and stern gates that are onboard a vessel that is pier side or in drydock, to allow safe access for emergent repair work. The PERI-UP Rosett Flex modular scaffolding system allows for the greatest possible flexibility. This is achieved by using a minimum number of components. The system is perfect for the erection of working platforms and confined spaces.

The main components of the PERI-UP modular scaffolding such as standards, ledgers and decks are pre-engineered to have a uniform length and width grid arrangement. Industrial decking is available in lengths of 50 cm (19.685 in) up to 3.0 m (9.84252 ft) in 25 cm (9.84252 in) or 50 cm increments with widths of 25 and 37.5 cm (14.76378 in). This allows interconnecting to any structure and adjustment to be made to suit each project. The 25 cm industrial decks were engineered for working platforms to be completely covered without any gaps.

The PERI gravity lock is a self-locking ledger connection which allows fast and safe assembly. Due to the special node rigidity and the enormous load carrying ability of the connection, PERI-UP scaffolding has an extremely high load bearing capacity. PERI scaffolding is one of the most unique scaffolding systems on the market. The horizontal members have been tested and certified as suitable for tie-off up to 3 meters in length. This allows more flexibility and increases productivity for workers while using the system.


We understand how important it is to keep your ship’s deck clean with our anti-slip Diamond Matting, for the duration of your maintenance. Our Maritime teams have perfected the calculations on where and how much rubber matting to lay down in order to protect you ship’s flight decks, passageways, mess decks and high traffic areas. The anti-slip matting is easy to clean, reduces chance of injury and protects the deck from over spray or any other contaminants that might be used during maintenance.


We understand that containment and enclosure of your vessel is sometime crucial. Our team of experts are well versed in Shrink Wrap- impermeable enclosure. Designed for heavy-duty applications, Shrink Wrap can withstand harsh weather conditions and will not deteriorate in warm or cold climates. Shrink Wrap is ideal for scaffold enclosures, drydocks, boat covers, storing equipment, lead abatement containment and a variety of other applications.

We use Reinforced Poly – All Purpose Weather/Debris Protection to fully enclose scaffold structures. And when necessary 40-90% Debris Netting for falling object protection as well as maintain  dust & debris. We make sure the correct type of debris netting is used in terms of light percentages to comply or exceed the project scope and specifications.

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