ATCOM Heat Trace Control Panels

‘ATCOM’ is the brand name for the manufactured panels of Brace’s engineering factory.

The ATCOM panel is an independent control system for heat-trace applications (both freeze-protection and process-maintain). Functionalities include Power Distribution, Sensor Monitoring, Alarming, and Data Delivery. The panel is microprocessor based, controlling up to 48 circuits at 120-480VAC. A weather-proof touchscreen allows users to select between various control methods: Line-Temperature based, Ambient based, or Manual. Up to 4 field RTDs can be assigned to each circuit, providing a thorough overview of the application status.

Alarms are generated for temperature, current, and ground fault leakage. Users can modify setpoints and other circuit data via the touchscreen. Project-specific setpoints are conveniently preassigned to each panel, in true turn-key nature.

A Remote-Access software is also provided, allowing users to access the touchscreen directly from their computer. Communications with the plant DCS is also available for full data delivery.


  • NEMA 4/4X Enclosure 
  • Power Distribution
    • Main Breaker
    • Panel Board
    • Circuit Breakers
  • Circuit Count: 12-48
  • Circuit Rating: 30-40A @ 120-480VAC
  • Ground Fault Tripping
  • Through-Door Main Disconnect
  • Solid State Relay Control
    • Line-Temperature Based
    • Ambient Based
  • 16” Industrial Touchscreen HMI
    • Sensor Mapping, Monitoring, & Alarming
      • Current (A)
      • Ground Fault Leakage (mA)
      • Temperate (°F)
    • System Audit Test Feature
    • Remote Access Software & Phone App
    • DCS Data Delivery & Dry Contact Alarm
      • Optional Fiberoptic Converter
    • Optional Enclosure Heating/Cooling
    • UL 508A Listed
    • Optional C1D2
      • Type Z Air Purge & Pressurization



Operating Temperature
-4 to 104°F (enclosure heater recommended for freezing temperatures) 
Area Classification
Ordinary or Class 1 Div 2
Enclosure Rating
NEMA 4 Steel or NEMA 4X Stainless Steel
Enclosure Mounting
Wall Mount or Floor Mount
Line Voltage
120 – 480VAC, 3-Phase
Main Breaker Rating
600VAC, 3-Phase, 100-250A, Thermal Magnetic
RTD (100 Ohm Platinum 3-Wire)
Solid State Relay (TRIAC)
Max Output Rating
40A per circuit
Short Circuit Current Rating
Temperature (high/low), Amperage (low), Ground Fault (high/trip)
Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP
UL 508A, UL 698A


ATCOM Warranty


“Brace Integrated Services agrees to fully repair any ATCOM Heat Trace Panel that fails to function within three years of the original invoice date.”


ATCOM Catalog
ATCOM Operator Manual (A-Series)
ATCOM Operator Manual (B-Series)
ATCOM Warranty