Commercial and Industrial Flooring

From light traffic areas to entire plant floors, our highly trained flooring experts combine technical expertise with superior craftsmanship to create and install floors that are maintenance friendly and last for years.


Polished concrete enhances the appearance of many commercial and industrial environments, such as restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, even manufacturing facilities. It provides a durable surface that is easy to clean and maintain. The concrete can also be dyed to blend with the décor.
We provide two types of concrete polishing services:

  • Light Polishing – This finish exposes small aggregate, and is very popular with larger retailer
  • Heavy Polishing – This finish exposes coarse aggregate, and can create the look of concrete terrazzo (depending on the aggregate content in the concrete).


Durable and aesthetically pleasing, quartz aggregate epoxy flooring is an ideal surface for high traffic areas, and where an integral cove base system is desired. It’s also perfect for areas that are cleaned often, and helps prevent liquids from getting under adjacent FRP or Gyp Board walls.
We provide two types of quartz epoxy flooring services:

  • Broadcast Quartz – This method provides a slip-resistant surf
  • Troweled Quartz – This method typically provides a thicker wear surface and an orange peel topcoat


These seamless flooring systems are highly durable and are available in three surface options, depending on your needs. Choose one of the following systems when functional benefits are more important than aesthetics.

  • Thin Film Coating Systems – These systems are used in industrial areas with light to moderate traffic
  • Thick Film Coating Systems – These systems are used in industrial areas with heavy foot traffic, soft tire traffic, et These 100% self-leveling epoxies help to create a smooth surface.
  • ¼” Power Trowel Surface – These systems incorporate a ¼” layer of troweled epoxy matrix over concrete, which increases the compression strength of the concrete to 15,000 p This is extremely durable in areas of heavy wear, high weight bearing hard wheeled traffic, etc. This method also can be used to resurface spalled or damaged concrete to rejuvenate an aged floor.


These systems are designed for areas that are cleaned frequently with high temperature water, such as food production areas, washbays, etc. They may or may not include fiberglass reinforcement, depending on your needs.


These systems are used in areas that are meant to contain intermittent splash and spillage (that can be cleaned up within 72 hours), as well as environments that are required to be extremely chemical resistant and require consultation to recommend the system to be used.