Heat Tracing

From design to procurement and materials management to installation, BRACE provides world-class, turnkey heat tracing systems services for a variety of applications and climates. Our heat tracing experts work with you to engineer the best solution for protecting your pipelines, tanks and containers, equipment, and instrumentation from harsh or fluctuating temperatures.

Design Services

BRACE offers end-to-end design capabilities for electric tracing, power supply, and thermal insulation systems. Services include:

  • Front End Design and Specification Review
  • Turnkey Estimating and Budgeting
  • Cost Optimization Strategies
  • Detail Design Deliverables
  • Thermal Calculations
  • Cable Selection
  • Heat Tracing Isometrics
  • Panelboard Schedules
  • Panel Drawings
  • Power Point Location Plans
  • Steam Trace Design

Procurement and Material Management

BRACE takes an unbiased approach when selecting the products for your heat tracing solution.   Our experts work with several manufacturers and suppliers to procure the right products for your specific application. Services include:

  • Self-Regulating Cable and Components
  • Mineral Insulated Cable and Cold Lead Sets
  • Heat Trace Control Panels and Transformers
  • Control Panel Rack Assemblies
  • Heated Instrument Enclosures
  • Pre-traced Tubing Bundles
  • Power Distribution Materials
  • Removable Blankets
  • Insulation and Cladding
  • Scaffolding
  • Steam and Condensate Manifolds

Installation Services

Our installation services cover the gamut – from hiring the craftsmen to designing and erecting the scaffolding system to installing your BRACE heat tracing solution. Services include:

    • Project Management, Field Supervision, and Quality Control
    • Direct Hire Craft Labor
    • Heat Trace Installation
    • Power Distribution Routing and Installation
    • Insulation and Cladding Installation
    • Scaffolding Design and Erection
    • Painting and Coatings

ATCOM (Advanced Thermal Control & Optimization)