Industrial Siding & Decking

Brace provides and installs a wide array of industrial siding and roofing. Throughout the years we have become a leader in the installation process continually adapting to new technology allowing for safer and faster installation. Our close relations with material vendors keeps us at the front end of new panel technology as well as training. Brace can handle any of your new construction, expansion or maintenance needs.


Brace utilizes the most advanced methods to hoist and access your siding and roofing to the most difficult to reach places. Whether it’s a JLG lift with rope and pulley or a double swing stage with vacuum suction hoist systems, Brace will find a way to get it done SAFE.


IMP (Insulated Metal Panel)

IMPs provide a great esthetic appeal to your building along with energy efficiency to back it up. IMPs also known as sandwich panel or factory foam panel are made up of two galvanized panels with a foam core. The three in one design cuts down on your labor cost by incorporating your outer panel, insulation and inner liner panel all as one panel. IMPs can be made in many different styles, colors, fastening types and thicknesses depending on your building’s needs. If you’re trying to match an existing profile or color of a building, generally there is an IMP out there that can do the job.

Single Skin & Liner Panels

Single skin and interior liner panels are typically a galvanized panel featuring a ribbed design to add texture to the exterior or interior of your building. These panels are ideal for areas that require some esthetics but little to no insulation value. The panels come in a number of styles and colors ensuring there is a panel out there for your project.

FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Panels)

FRPs offer an unparalleled combination of strength and corrosion resistance, which makes these panels ideal for chemical or wash down areas. FRPs are also made available to be translucent to certain degree making it possible to allow for minimal or maximum natural light transmitted into the building. These panels are great when used as your primary siding as well as a fill in between other galvanized based siding to allow for some light to transmit where desired.

Fire Rated Panels

The fire rated panel is a highly used product in Europe making a name for itself here in the US. The panel is designed with two galvanized sheets bonded to a structural mineral wool core. The mineral wool core is what gives the panels its fire rating which ranges from a 1 hour to 3 hour rating. This panel is ideal for replacing concrete walls when applicable at your at-risk from fire areas. In addition to the fire rating the panel also provides a solid thermal value. 


In addition to the items above, Brace also offers galvanized decking and standing seam roof panels. Our decking installation can act as a standalone product or can be provided for your base for a built up roof system. Standing seam roof panels come in multiple styles, colors and fastening systems, but all are designed to give you that water tight system you’re looking for.