Our insulation experts are skilled at identifying and repairing deficiencies in existing insulation that can negatively affect safety, energy conservation, the environment, operations and energy costs. It is our goal to help construct new and maintain existing facilities to operate at maximum efficiency, preventing unscheduled outages that result from defective or inadequate installation.

Low Temp Applications (-459.6° F to 60° F)

From cryogenic to chilled water systems BRACE has you covered. Whether open or closed cellular insulation with vapor retardant barriers, injected polyurethane foam, elastomeric with UV protectant or glass fiber with all service jacketing our field experts have the skills required
to deliver the project correctly and efficiently. Water Vapor retarders minimize moisture intrusion and are of utmost importance in preserving the integrity of insulation to control condensation and often times corrosion under insulation (CUI).

Intermediate Temp Applications (61°F to 600° F)

This temperature range has the widest variety of thermal insulation options available. Knowing the purpose for insulation is paramount to a successful application. Glass and Mineral fiber products are quite common in this range but other options include cellular glass, calcium silicate, expanded perlite, poly-isocyanurate, phenolic foam, polystyrene and elastomeric rubber all have applications that may deem them preferable. Utilize the expertise of BRACE to help make the proper decisions on these applications.

High Temp Applications (601°F to 1500° F)

The most common items insulated within the Industrial and Power Generation markets are breechings, turbines, exhaust stacks, boilers and incinerators. These elevated temperatures demand the correct thermal application such as calcium silicate, mineral wool, expanded perlite, hi-temp fiberglass mats and ceramic fiber. BRACE has vast knowledge and experience with them all and can recommend the perfect system for your particular application.

Removable and Reusable Flexible Insulation Covers

Removable and reusable flexible insulation covers reduce the long-term costs associated with frequently
maintained items such as turbines, expansion joints, flanges, heat exchangers, flanged valves, pressure release valves and steam traps. Teflon, silicone, hi-temp glass mat and stainless steel mesh are just some of the available finishes. BRACE has custom fabrication capabilities across the United States ready to meet your project specific needs.

Jacketing Systems

BRACE is an experienced installer of all types of lagging systems including mill finish, stucco embossed and painted aluminum rolls and sheets, stainless steel jacketing, PVC rolls and corrugated panels, FRP panels, painted galvanized sheets as well as the proper attachment
systems required for each type such as bands, welded studs, adhesives, solvents and subgirt systems for the protection of thermal insulation used primarily in markets such as oil & gas, power plants, chemical plants, pulp and paper, food and beverage, cement and aggregate and

Sound Proofing and Acoustical Absorption

We understand that unwanted noise shouldn’t have to be something you live with, which is why we are a leading provider and installer of soundproofing, sound absorption and noise reduction systems. We have the knowledge and handling expertise of soundproofing systems for every space and every application. Whether you’re looking to soundproof a manufacturing plant, a restaurant, or a pipeline, the team at BRACE will help you through the entire process from specifying the proper system you need to installation.