Painting & Coatings

Superior quality craftsmanship, application methods, and materials are always demonstrated whether your painting or coatings requirements are performed at our shop facilities or on site. We combine technical expertise with practical skills to provide high quality surface preparation and coatings during large-scale jobs such as outages, turnarounds, maintenance rehab, and many other capital projects. Our services are designed to control corrosion, eliminating the need for costly steel replacement while meeting regulatory and safety requirements. Our staff is supported by professionals that are certified by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).


Industrial coatings and linings are applied to equipment and facilities for protection from the elements and where limited access can cause long periods without general maintenance.

We are closely associated with industry leading paint manufactures to ensure your project specifications are met and the cost of surface preparation and coating work is in alignment with plant and equipment future requirements.

Tank Coatings

It is important that storage tanks maintain their integrity. It doesn’t matter if the tank in question is holding something as volatile as jet fuel or as environmentally friendly as water, the outcome of a leak or failure on a tank from being able to contain the product due to corrosion can be devastating in any circumstance.

BRACE’s combined years of experience in exterior and interior tank coatings and painting marks us as one of the leading experts in the service field. Our diverse industry applications have allowed us to work closely with communities on their water storage tanks and reservoirs to exciting new energy source containment tanks that will secure societies betterment for the future.

Secondary Coatings

BRACE installs coatings and linings for secondary containment under tanks and to protect interior and exterior surfaces from tank rupture, leaks, weathering, and corrosion. Our experienced services teams provide the correct coating and application for your containment and safety needs. Material selection can range from epoxy, polyester, or vinyl ester chemistry and is based on chemical exposure as well as other various conditions including substrates. BRACE’s services teams are skilled in both trowel and spray-applied applications, using approved equipment and methods. BRACE ensures that the materials we install are environmentally safe and conform to all industry and environmental standards.


Mineral Abrasive Blasting

Being GREEN is always a priority for BRACE. In our mineral abrasive blasting we are known for using minerals such as garnet, olivine, and staurolite and sometimes even nutshells. We believe mineral abrasives create significantly less dust than sand and slag abrasives and are imperative in operations where the material is reclaimed.

Automated Blasting

Automated blasting is frequently the first step in a larger procedure, usually involving other surface treatments such as coatings, paint, or sealer applications. Care is often needed to isolate the blasting chamber from mechanical components that may be subject to dust fouling. The processes creates the proper profile on the surface layer of concrete or steel by removing dirt, coatings, paint, or other contaminants away with this blasting method.


We embrace the GREEN benefit of hydro-blasting and the ability to recapture and reuse the water, reducing waste and mitigating environmental impact. During the hydro-blasting process, BRACE uses a highly pressured stream of water to remove old paint, chemicals, or buildup without damaging the original surface. Our unique technique in Hydro-blasting is ideal for cleaning internal and external surfaces that need special attention. This technique enables us to get into hard to reach places that can be missed by other processes.

Power Tool Cleaning

Power tool cleaning technology has improved measurably in the past decade with the development of tool technology and cleaning materials. The evaluation of these methods and their implementation as secondary surface preparation alternatives in zone construction painting offers cost savings. Certain areas are exposed to environments of varying degrees of harshness. Therefore, both surface preparation and coating requirements may vary. Power tools may provide adequate surface cleanliness for the specified coating system and anticipated exposure environment for many of these surfaces. Also, certain surface preparations perform better when using power tools along with vacuum recovery systems.

Hand Tool Cleaning

Hand tools can provide surface preparation standards for both concrete and metal surfaces. Our team is skilled in using tools such as scabblers, scarifiers, needle scalers, chisel scalers, scaling hammers, deck descalers, deck hammers, deck planers, and scrapers for removing loose mill scale, surface rust, loose paint, laitance, adhesives, and other loose detrimental foreign matter to prepare surfaces for the appropriate topcoats. Hand tool cleaning is also used when removing weld spatter, rust, paint, sealants, lead-based paints, alkyds, mastics, and many other contaminating materials.

Solvent Cleaning

BRACE specializes in the removal of all visible oil, grease, soil, drawing and cutting compounds, and other soluble contaminants from steel surfaces with solvent, vapor degreasing, immersion, alkaline cleaners, and steam cleaning. Proper prep procedures are taken prior to the solvent cleaning as well as disposal of contaminating cleaning materials.

Secondary Containment & Flooring Systems

We pride ourselves on helping to keep the environment safe. This includes secondary containment & flooring systems that are put in place to protect the environment from spills, leaks, or overfill from storage tanks. The epoxy and urethane based flooring system creates an additional protective barrier to minimize the risk of caustic materials from entering nearby groundwater sources. Each system is designed to comply with EPA and OSHA regulations pertaining to fuel, chemicals, and other liquid contaminants. Secondary containment systems are a valuable level of protection for many industries including agricultural, chemical, petrochemical, and construction.


Re-venting corrosion is a serious concern, which must be addressed in the design phase. Pipework and equipment must be designed properly to ensure supports and fittings are positioned to shed water as much as possible and the right anti- corrosion surface treatment must be applied to pipework and equipment. If steelwork is not protected with a suitable coating and insulation is not installed under dry conditions and protected by adequate weather resistant cladding, corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a strong possibility. CUI necessitates expensive repairs and replacements. That is why it is important to partner with BRACE for mitigating CUI, including coatings, thermal spray techniques, types of insulation, cladding/jacketing materials, and protection guards. BRACE can assist in making the right decisions to find the right solution in a very complex process.


Finishes and coatings contribute color, texture, and an overall visual appeal to the architecture of a building. Painting and coatings also provide protection from the elements or other exposures. By selecting appropriate finishes and coatings, you have the freedom to create curb appeal that you have envisioned incorporating functional, protective attributes that withstand the rigors of time. BRACE knows that success with finishes and coatings depends on selecting the right workforce and applications. We have the application knowledge and market expertise to do the job right the first time for years of sustainability.


Thermal metalizing spray is a spray welding process. The process consists of a heat source such as a flame and aluminum or zinc wire which is melted into tiny droplets and sprayed onto surfaces at high velocity. This sprayed metal coating is both a barrier coating and a galvanic coating in one. Thermal sprayed coatings uniquely enhance and improve the performance of the component. A single metalized coating protects steel up to 30 years or longer depending upon the application, coating thickness, and sealing. Thermal metalizing sprayed coatings are typically applied to metal substrates, but can also be applied to some plastic substrates.


BRACE understands finish coat quality and durability depends heavily on proper surface preparation. This requirement holds especially true for floor coatings, which receive a great deal of physical abuse from traffic, in addition to normal aging. Maintenance managers understand the challenges of applying paints and coatings in institutional and commercial facilities and how important it is to have a knowledgeable team performing the applications. Technologies developed in recent years have created many more choices, as well as, excellent customization opportunities that didn’t exist before. Currently, paints and coatings are meeting the rising expectations for indoor air quality, color choices, coverage, durability, life-cycle cost, and low emissions of volatile organic chemicals.


BRACE provides full-service blast cleaning and painting at our facilities located in Texas, Kansas and North Dakota. We continually invest in updated equipment and trained personnel. Through these efforts you can rest assured that your projects are completed in a safe work environment at each of our facilities and that we are compliant with all environmental regulations.