Refractory Services

Servicing your Refractory needs from Installation and Maintenance to Repair

Refractory construction is a specialized process. Our highly qualified refractory teams understand all the details that make any refractory project successful. We have perfected our installation methods and use the latest materials and the most up to date equipment to maximize product quality and minimize disruption to your operation.

Proper refractory construction is a critical component for preservation of valuable industrial process equipment. We ensure that all refractory materials we use retain their strength at high temperatures and meet ASTM C71. Our refractories are non-metallic materials that are applicable for structures or components for systems that are exposed to environments above 1,000 °F (811 K; 538 °C).

Critical applications demand an exceptional level of refractory performance and reliability. Refractory has long been an indispensable component of manufacturing and processing industries involving high heat.

BRACE provides design and installation services for:


BRACE can cover all your boiler needs when it comes to refractory services including floor tile and plastic installation. Our teams are skilled in automatic stud gun welding systems, burner replacements, retro-fits including refractory burner and target walls as well as modifications to ash hoppers.

Furnaces, Heaters and Kilns

We provide engineered ceramic fiber systems, modules, veneers, layer and board linings and pumpables to eliminate hot spots in furnaces and heater. Our qualified team of experts are well versed in wet gunning between tubes, IFB and mono block wall and bridge wall repairs as well as new burner tile fabrication and installation.

BRACE works with you to find what is right for your project whether it is a standard shape or a precast shape. Standard shapes for refractory have dimension that are conformed by most refractory manufacturers and are generally applicable to kilns or furnaces of the same types. Standard shapes are usually firebrick that have a standard dimension of 9 x 4-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches and this dimension is called a “one brick equivalent”. “Brick equivalents” are used in estimating how many firebrick it takes to make an installation into an industrial furnace.

Across virtually all industries – petrochemical, steel, power generation, minerals processing and others – the applications for precast shapes are limited only by the imagination, and their use will result in better performance and true cost savings. Precast refractory shape technology has become a specialized field within the refractory industry. As demands increase for greater refractory lining performance and lower maintenance costs, refractory users are finding that one effective way to achieve those goals is to incorporate a broader use of precast refractory shapes into their lining systems.


BRACE understands the importance of having a highly qualified team working on the reformer refractory in your plant. We know that the processes such as steam reforming from natural gas to synthesis gas is often used for the efficient production of hydrogen and carbon monoxide. This means the refractory materials in the steam reformer must have great stability, accomplish effective insulation and ensure high availability of the plant. High temperatures and flue gas speed require high-quality refractory materials and design. BRACE is able to provide the full range of materials and services required.

Steam Generators

Steam Generators are used in many applications in industrial and power generation plants. These units often experience problems with insulation of the exhaust gas discharge duct due to warping and failure of the metal-sheathing from heat, turbulence and vibration. We utilize various ways to help eliminate hot spots while the unit is operating and/or during outages including the use of pumpable materials. By combining our unique capabilities and skilled field crews, we supply solutions to fit your refractory needs.